B+E (car and trailer) Training

Somax are able to offer B+E towing training for the car and trailer test with approved DSA instructors to both companies and individuals.  We have a proven track record and a high first time pass rate.

If you have passed your driving test (Category B) after 1st January 1997 (including re-tests) you must pass a practical category B+E test to tow a trailer which exceeds 750kg on a vehicle weighing over 3,500kg.

The standard B licence (car) will allow you to tow a combination (vehicle and trailer) with a Gross Train Weight (GTW) which does not exceed 3,500kg provided that the MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) of the trailer does not exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle.

All B+E courses include the use of our vehicle and trailer for B+E training and testing purposes.

The B+E trailer towing test is based on the LGV driving test centres in Bristol orTaunton and lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

Test content:

  • The ability to carry out safety checks on your vehicle and trailer
  • The reversing exercise
  • The drive
  • Uncoupling and recoupling

As of 23rd September all B+E tests will be conducted with a laden trailer.

In order to determine the length of practical training course required, we would recommend that you take advantage our driving assessment.  This is a 1 hour assessment after which we will advise you on what needs to be achieved and therefore how many training sessions you require.

I our experience drivers will undertake courses between 2-5 sessions depending on your experience.